FAQ: Frequently asked questions

  • Treatments with Pulsed Light and Radiofrequency increase collagen production on skin and on the subcutaneous tissue with resultant skin tightening. [More about Radiofrequency].
  • Laser treatment for face rejuvenescence is called “resurfacing with laser” and is a frequent technique used to rejuvenate the face and to treat facial wrinkles and skin injures. [More about Laser].
  • Mesotherapy is a technique used for the treatment of cellulite, facial and body flaccidity, localized fat deposits, skin aging, wrinkles, photoaging, hair fall and pain [Más sobre Mesotherapy].
  • Sequential Presotherapy Presotherapy is a medical or aesthetic treatment intended to perform lymphatic drainage by means of air pressure. [More about Presotherapy].
  • Botolinum Toxin blocks for some time muscles making forehead furrow, frown lines and crow’s feet disappear for about 6 months. [More about Botox].
  • Dermal fillers: We use hyaluronic acid in different concentrations to remove surface and deep wrinkles around the mouth, nose and cheeks. It is also used to delineate lips borderlines. This product lasts for about one year. For lips filling it may be used with local anesthesia, since injections on that area may hurt a lot. [More about Dermal fillers].
  • Platelet-rich Plasma is a suspension obtained by autologous collection of blood which undergoes a centrifugation in combination with calcium chloride to activate the platelets. [More about Platelet-rich Plasma].


  • Facial Treatments: If you want to have a healthy, soft, luminous and radiant skin you need to take care of and protect it. There exist skin treatments according to the skin biotype and to its pathologies: photoaging, hyperpigmentation, hypotonism, scars, acne, rosacea, etc. In that respect, there are different treatments, the methodologies of which follow, in general lines, the following steps: hygiene, toning, correction and protection.
    [More about Facial Treatments].
  • Body Treatments: Similarly to face skin, body skin also requires special care. Some simple techniques can be done at home, while other more complex or specific procedures must be performed by professionals. Body skin must also be exfoliated to increase its permeability so as to obtain a 100 % benefit from all products used. Exfoliation can be done by means of a chemical or mechanical peeling; that is to say, using acids or exfoliating creams and gels, or microdermabrasion with diamond tip. Body skin treatments according to the existing pathologies: hyperpigmentation, scars, ingrown hair, chest and neckline acne, back acne, etc. [More about Body Treatments].